Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lace Lace and more Lace!


Lace is in right? right. You can buy lace shoes, lace tops, lace dresses, lace undies you can even get a lace manicure. I never thought this would be possible, but it sure is. Lace on your nails.

IKR. TAKE IT IN! amazing.....totally amazing. Just in case you guys are wondering how the hell you would go about having a lace manicure, I am posting instructions. I have tried this myself, try to have someone around that can assist you in applying the lace and gluing it down.

Tools needed:
Manicure scissors
Base coat
Neutral polish
Top coat
Nail File
Cuticle oil
Nail polish remover


1. Start with manicured nails, freshly wiped with nail polish remover.

2. Cut lace into small pieces and then, holding the lace on the nail with your thumb, cut it to size.

3. Apply one coat of base coat.

4. Apply one coat of neutral polish to one finger at a time.

5. Immediately apply lace, while polish is still wet, tapping it lightly into place.

6. Apply two coats of top coat.

7. File off any bits of lace over the edge of the nail.

8. Apply cuticle oil and gently rub in.

To make your manicure pop, try using a colorful polish underneath the lace, or even colorful lace.

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