Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quite Cute Collection From M.A.C

M.A.C cosmetics has come out with yet another line "Quite Cute" this line is one of the most adorable yet, with the <3cutest<3 pastel shades ever. They have also "cutified" 3 lip pencils from last season 

It's a pastel, sugary collection there is nothing bitter about this collection, just sweet. 

Here are a couple of face charts for the Quite Cute Collection

Makeup Looks for Spring/Summer 2011

Bold Lips are In, take advantage of the bright pinks and reds! Va Va Vooom

 Remember Girls, if you're going to go bold on the eyes, try and go light on the don't want your makeup to look over-done.

The Pinks are back! It's about time!!! Extra pink blush and Fuchsia lipstick,what are you waiting for ladies...Start Applying!!!

We seem to be going back in time with our make-up trends, but that's okay! It's just as beautiful as it was in the 50's for all you ladies you love the "Marilyn Monroe" look? Here it is!

Exfoliate....but wait!

Ladies, Exfoliating your skin is great as a matter of fact you NEED to exfoliate. Many of you probably think that it's really great to exfoliate every day! WRONG. That is the worst thing you can possibly do to your skin.

The  reason for exfoliation is to remove the dead skin cells from your skin so that it opens the doors for your "new skin" to breath and have a chance to be well nourished and healthy. The suggested time frame that you should wait in between exfoliating sessions is 1 week.

If you exfoliate daily, you're constantly scrubbing abrasive material on-to your skin and instead of just cleaning of the "dead" layer of skin, you begin to slowly remove the "horny"  layer of your skin. The more you do this, the more sensitive your skin will get. Thus creating a new skin condition, that was probably not already pre-existing. 

The exfoliant you use should depend on your skin type, I would recommend seeing an Esthetician. She will be able to give you all the right products for your skin and instruct you on how to apply them and cleanse them off your skin properly.

Happy Exfoliating!

Spring 2011 Shoes

I absolutely love these new styles! They are all fresh, exciting and a real piece of art. Granted some of these shoes are probably not street worthy, but they sure do catch the eye. The best thing to do when looking for a new shoe, is look at runway footwear get an idea of what "wild" shoes spark your interest. Take that with you when you go shopping, keep in mind all the different styles you saw and you will be sure to find something similar.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Luscious Beauty

Just because you aren't a size 2 doesn't mean you aren't beautiful. The media tends to overdo everything they get there hands on, including women. It's kind of hard to keep your head above the water when all you hear day in and day out is that the perfect woman must be skinny, if you are overweight by 20 pounds you are now considered obese. Yes you should always stay healthy and be healthy but just remember being "underweight" is just as unhealthy as being overweight. 3/4 of the models walking the runways are underweight which means they're unhealthy.

keep your head up ladies, you are all beautiful don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

CUCUMBER?! who knew!

Cucumber,  is great for your skin.
have you ever woken up with tired or swollen eyes?

I know I have. Cucumber is great for reducing the swelling in your eyes. 

after a long days work, cut yourself two slices of cucumber lay back and place them on your eyes like eye pads. 

lay back and relax, the next time you open your eyes you will be more than happy to see all your puffiness and dark circles GONE!

a recipe for glowing skin:

Blend 4 - 5 leafs of fresh mint.
Peel and remove seeds from the cucumber.
Add mint leaves to the cucumber to make a puree.
Beat egg whites and keep it separate, then add this egg white to the cucumber mixture.
Apply this evenly on your face keep it on for 20 minutes and then rinse it with water and pat it dry.

Applying Nail Polish...woops i just smudged my freshly painted nail

Applying your nail polish is hard enough without smudging it right after you've applied it...ouch!
here is an easy fix. 

dip your nail in nail polish remover and smooth over the surface, wait for it to dry,  apply top coat and voila!  your smudge has miraculously disappeared!

Lace Lace and more Lace!


Lace is in right? right. You can buy lace shoes, lace tops, lace dresses, lace undies you can even get a lace manicure. I never thought this would be possible, but it sure is. Lace on your nails.

IKR. TAKE IT IN! amazing.....totally amazing. Just in case you guys are wondering how the hell you would go about having a lace manicure, I am posting instructions. I have tried this myself, try to have someone around that can assist you in applying the lace and gluing it down.

Tools needed:
Manicure scissors
Base coat
Neutral polish
Top coat
Nail File
Cuticle oil
Nail polish remover


1. Start with manicured nails, freshly wiped with nail polish remover.

2. Cut lace into small pieces and then, holding the lace on the nail with your thumb, cut it to size.

3. Apply one coat of base coat.

4. Apply one coat of neutral polish to one finger at a time.

5. Immediately apply lace, while polish is still wet, tapping it lightly into place.

6. Apply two coats of top coat.

7. File off any bits of lace over the edge of the nail.

8. Apply cuticle oil and gently rub in.

To make your manicure pop, try using a colorful polish underneath the lace, or even colorful lace.